Movie Review: Raman Raghav 2.0

If you think that this is a biopic about real Raman Raghav, the serial killer of 60s, and you can know all about the movie just because you Googled him then you are mistaken. Well not entirely mistaken as the tale of the psycho killer is what fuels this movie. Basically it’s a movie about Raman, a serial killer and Raghav a drug addict cop who is investigating the murders. Raman is looking for someone, a partner, who will complete him. And this extremely dark and gritty 142 minutes show is about that search.
RR 2.0 is the movie you get when Anurag Kashyap decides to make a love story. It’s not a typical biopic that some of us were expecting but still Raman Raghav is the center piece of the movie. There are numerous references about him and it’s all adapted really well.
I don’t understand one thing about Nawazuddin that how come he still manages to amaze us even though we were already expecting that. With every performance he exceeds the high expectations that people have from him. Needless to say that, he has done an outstanding job this time as well. The movie is at its best whenever he’s on the screen. His character, Raman, is someone which should fill your mind with disgust and hate yet you laugh at his dark humor. Nawaz does the job perfectly and manages to overshadow other performances. Talking about other performance, the second lead Raghav is played by Vicky Kaushal who impressed everyone in Masaan and he is impressive this time as well. Raghav is the other half that Raman is looking for. As someone who isn’t sure what he is and who is trying to keep his demons inside but failing to do so, Kaushal does a good job.
To like this movie, you got to pay attention to the dark undertone of this movie. It tries to familiarize you with the perspective of a person who likes killing. If you refuse to grasp that then you probably won’t find it so good. In a nutshell, it’s a guilty pleasure. Another thing that I would like to recommend is that you should watch this in a theatre. I’m not saying this because of all that piracy is bad, encourage the makers thing but because this looks really amazing on a big screen. Usually I don’t talk about technical aspects of a movie but the cinematography and background score in this movie is too good. There are many shots which define cinematic brilliance and are a treat to watch. I would have gone in more depth and details but that might spoil your experience. So let’s leave it here.


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