Movie Review: OK Jaanu

I started watching this movie with the lowest of expectations because of the main cast and the clichéd storyline. My expectations about the main lead and story were right, yet I ended up liking this movie.

The basic plot is that there’s a young couple who love each other but don’t want to get married. But the relationship which was meant to be casual get pretty serious and things get messed up. The story progresses to find a way out of this mess.

Let’s start with the things that I liked about this movie. First one is of course the music. And when it’s the pair of Rahman-Gulzar, the awesomeness of soundtracks is a given. All the songs fit really well with the film, except for the butcherd version of “Humma Humma”.
To complement the great music we have a really good cinematography. The scenes are really well captured, the warm tinge makes the film look more lovely and romantic. The main lead has two really gorgeous looking actors and it works really well in making the movie a visual treat of sorts.
Shaad Ali has done a really great job in creating beautiful moments on screen. The scenes look really sweet and adorable. You will really love to see those moments of you are into the romantic genre.

Now, coming to the things that I didn’t like. Let’s start with the story. Such kind of stories became clichéd and boring in a really short span of time. Bollywood needs to understand that it’s not an unique idea if many of them are doing this same thing over and over. There’s no excitement in the way story progresses and it lingers on without having any substance in it.
The story could have been enriched had the actors put something of their own to it. But expecting such a thing from Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor is not a wise thing to do. The characters seemed too immature and child-like. There were many possibilities of creating a really good scene but it felt really underwhelming. Of course putting Naseeruddin Shah in the mix was an attempt to balance the things but it can’t work when both of the main lead can’t give any thing above ordinary.

Overall, it is a good film for you if you are not looking for great performances and have a taste for romance.


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