Movie Review: Haraamkhor

After fighting a long battle against censorship, Haraamkhor finally got into theatres. And after having to cancel my plans twice, I finally had a chance to see this film. From the trailer and the names associate with this project, I was expecting it to be a really good movie and Haraamkhor doesn’t disappoint. Even though the trailer gave subtle hints about how unusual the film is, I was still surprised and somewhat flabbergasted by the end of it.
I don’t want to spoil any of it, so I’ll keep the plot information limited to what we saw in the trailer. It is basically a story about relationship between a minor girl and her teacher who is married. There’s another boy who “loves” the girl and the story revolves around their relationships.
This is Shloka Sharma’s first feature film and he has left us waiting for more. The way he handled this really sensitive subject on screen is really commendable. Recently we have seen quite a few movies which treats the location as a character and it really adds to the movie and this one is no exception. Film is set in a small town and its essence is so well captured by the director. If you come from such a small town, you will find things relatable and thus it gets closer to your heart.
Let’s talk about Shweta Tripathi. She has really been a revelation. I fell in love with her character in Masaan and the way she did it. This time again she does this with great conviction. The 15 year old character seems simple yet with so many complexities, as it is usually the case. She has managed to pull this off really brilliantly. There’s not a single shot of her in the movie where she seems even a bit off. Sharing a screen with someone like Nawazuddin Siddiqui can make someone’s good performance look underwhelming but she makes her presence felt in such scenes as well. This brings us to Nawazuddin and to the question that is their any kind of role that this guy can’t pull off with perfection. No superlative can precisely describe how well he gets into the character and gets it right.
This movie should be watched for it deals with an issue that needs to come out in open and talked about. Go and watch this film if you like good ones.

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