I had a wall around my heart

long and wide and impenetrable.

Made from black mortar

and black were the bricks

Nothing went through

nor came out.

There I sat alone and sad

but I was safe, not this vulnerable.


Then you came along

and said that you would care.

Your words did the trick

and one brick fell.

It wasn’t too long before you had your way,

I broke a door in the wall and I let you in.

What came next was no surprise

Again I realized why the wall was there.


The door is still there

but it is more heavy now.

Their lies a lock, without a key

to keep the broken pieces safe and sound.

There is no anger, just some regret,

teaching lessons that I should have known.

It will take eternity before I open this door

but for you, I shall make a window.


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