The Politics of Martyrs

There are two points that needs to be made after the Gurmehar Kaur and Virender Sehwag episode, which is not even something that should deserve any attention as it was merely a social media campaign of sorts. But let’s give it our attention anyway.

So, Gurmehar Kaur is the daughter of a martyr in the Kargil War. It’s funny how everyone never mentions the name of the martyred soldier. So that would imply his daughter is doing a bigger job by holding up cards with hashtags written on it. (Hashtags don‘t work that way). Even though I agree with what’s written on those cards, I don’t understand how her being the daughter of a martyr adds any credibility to her. Just because she happens to born into that particular family, doesn’t make her special. It might sound rude but such a mindset is the base of dynasty privileges which is in the centre of some of the biggest issues in India. You might argue that since she has suffered a big loss because of the tension between India-Pakistan, her views are more important. But here’s the thing, she’s not the only one. They are so many people who have suffered the same that she did and all of them must have different opinions. And that’s because their opinions are a resultant of many other factors than the martyrdom of their family members. So, I don’t see a reason why being the family of a martyr should make someone more credible.

Now, coming to the outrage, patronizing behavior and even the mockery that she received. Interestingly, those who were the front runners in “trolling” her were the people who also happen to be the flag-bearers of ultra-nationalism. It was not long ago that they were dead against anyone even speaking against the army. And they have always been the first ones to say that martyrs and their families deserve our utmost respect. Which they actually do. But in this case, they went against the idea that they claim to hold very dearly and made distasteful remarks against Gurmehar Kaur. The reason of their hypocrite behavior is that she went against their political propaganda and that too by using the tools of nationalism and martyrdom, which are supposed to be the part of a right winger’s arsenal. That pissed them off a big time.

This entire episode is an testament of how ugly things have become in Indian politics. The participation of people in the politics was supposed to enrich it and make the democracy even stronger but sadly the voices of people remain unheard in the loud noise of propaganda. Instead of people coming up with their own opinion, they are being made to utter the views that are decided for them and social media shares the blame for this.


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