Movie Review: Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya

​This film is the story of a grossly patriarchal guy and an independent girl falling in love in a bizarre and absurd way. So basically Badrinath(Varun Dhawan) is from a patriarchal and misogynistic family and Vaidehi (Aliya Bhatt) is a middle class girl with ambition. Badrinath has a weird encounter with Vaidehi in a wedding and decides that he wants to marry her. And things go on from there.

The film is an amalgamation of substandard acting and a really bad story. Varun Dhawan makes another failed attempt at his imitation of Govinda. Aliya Bhatt doesn’t really get much to do and it seems like she was told just to smile during most of the movie. The way characters talk in the film has less to do with the attempt to make it sound realistic rather they use it as an formula to make things sound funny. 

There’s not much to talk about the cinematic aspect of the film so let me (at the risk of sounding like Buzzfeed articles) talk about its problematic story line. I would be really surprised if the intention of this movie was to bash patriarchy. Because it actually encourages it. At a time when finally we can see a gradual shift from the misogyny in Bollywood films, this one takes us back to late 80s and 90s. Where a strange guy stalking a girl and behaving like a creep is taken as fun and that guy gets the girl eventually! (Now if you care for a spoiler alet, then stop reading this) What happens in the movie is that Vaidehi runs away from her wedding with Badrinath because she didn’t want to marry him and goes on to become an air hostess. Learning that, Badrinath’s father asks him to go and find her so that he could kill her (that escalated quickly). So Badrinath goes there and abducts Vaidehi but he could not kill her because he loves her (yeah, right). And then it’s the abducted Vaidehi who apologies to him. She actually believes that it is her fault. And not just that, she allows Badri to stay at her place and she falls in love with him after a two song sequences. Then there’s another “humor relief” scene which manages to mock rape and homosexuals in one go. Overall, it’s one fucked up movie.


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