Movie Review: Trapped

This one’s going to be a short review because I don’t want to steal even one second of this movie away from you. The plot is a guy (Rajkumar Rao) gets stuck inside a flat on the 35 floor of a building which has no other human living there except an almost deaf security guard. And then there’s almost an hour of struggle which makes the movie. 

Going straight in to the acting, Rajkumar Rao is one of the greatest actors that we have witnessed. He’s on screen for the entire 105 minutes of the movie yet he never ceases to be captivating. In a movie like this, where most of it is shot in an 1 BHK apartment and with only a few dialogues, it might seem like there will be limitations for the actor but in Rao’s case it seems like this gave him even more opportunities to showcase his abilities. 

Vikram Motwane has done a tremendous job with the direction. It’s quite a possibility that a film which is mostly shot in one room can turn out to be boring but he has managed to keep the audience engaged with every frame of the film. You can’t stop but react to stuff that’s been happening on the screen. Being able to manage that is really impressive thing for a director. All making aspect of this movie is a job well done. 

Watch this film as this one of the good movies of this particular genre and probably the first of it’s kind in Hindi cinema. You will really get involved with the film, might even feel like throwing up. But overall it will be an awesome experience.


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