Padmavati : Fight Over Fiction

It’s been several days since the movie director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was assaulted by a communal group of Rajputs on the set of his under-production film, Padmavati. The reason the attackers gave was that they are trying to stop the defamation of a Rajput Queen, Rani Padmini and thus are trying to protect the ‘pride’…


दूर सड़क के उस छोर पर
एक लौ फड़कती दिख रही है,
सर्द हवाओं से लड़ती-जूझती
वो आग भभकती दिख रही है..


I had a wall around my heart

long and wide and impenetrable.

Made from black mortar

and black were the bricks

Nothing went through

nor came out.

There I sat alone and sad

but I was safe, not this vulnerable.
Then you came along

Review: काबिल देखूं या रईस

ये दोनों कहने को तो नयी फिल्म है मगर दोनों की कहानी वही पुरानी 80s के फिल्म्स की है। काबिल में है कि हीरोइन का रेप एक दबंग नेता का गुंडा भाई करता है, हीरोइन सुसाइड करती है और हीरो बदला लेता है। हमको तो लग रहा था कि परदे पर कहीं मिथुन दादा न…

Movie Review: Haraamkhor

After fighting a long battle against censorship, Haraamkhor finally got into theatres. And after having to cancel my plans twice, I finally had a chance to see this film. From the trailer and the names associate with this project, I was expecting it to be a really good movie and Haraamkhor doesn’t disappoint. Even though…

Movie Review: OK Jaanu

I started watching this movie with the lowest of expectations because of the main cast and the clichéd storyline. My expectations about the main lead and story were right, yet I ended up liking this movie. The basic plot is that there’s a young couple who love each other but don’t want to get married….